The history of Arcoplex

60 years of success.
A story of challenges met and goals achieved to face the future with professionalism and determination.

Pierluigi Brenna, founder of Arcoplex in the fifties, was concerned primarily to regenerate the plastic and use it as raw material. He immediately grasped the great potential of this material and what changes would bring in the way we produce and consume in Italy during the economic boom. In 1994, with the arrival of Giacomo Scanzi in the company as General Manager, currently CEO, began a transformation that is still ongoing, made of continuous and sharp ideas aimed at facing the challenges with competence and creativity, in a constantly evolving market. It is the successful strategy of Arcoplex, the road to face the future with more efficient organizational models and commitment to the pursuit of quality and diversification of production. The new history of Arcoplex began in 1996 with the great idea to introduce the SAP system, a challenging but extremely innovative software for the integrated management of major business and production processes. The new corporate structure came in 2001, a jump of professional quality, no more traders but consultants who are able to satisfy the different needs of the market. From 2011 until today strong investments have led to a complex structure that required a consolidation of the management. Alongside the Chief Executive Officer, Giacomo Scanzi, the enthusiasm of the younger generation, the son Carlo and the daughter Giulia.