Philosophy and Values

Product Care and attention to Customers, human resources and creativity: these are the values of the uniqueness.

Arcoplex, for  60 years a leading actor in the field of plastics, looks over distribution and logistics, aware of the need to bring to market a specialized consulting service, tested products and, above all, a full pre and post sales service. The company is active in a process of cultural change aimed at building synergies and winning alliances between firms to compete more effectively on an international scale and continue to excel in the domestic market. An operational strategy clear and transparent to all institutional stakeholders, which ensures the company’s credibility and reliability.
The company, through a constant dialogue, transmits to employees the idea of a common goal of growth, a shared project where everyone plays its own important role, which increases the sense of belonging, mutual respect and sense of responsibility.
Essential to the success of Arcoplex is the knowledge, not only as technical know-how but also as experience, creativity and thoughts, attitude to test for a continuous improvement in the commercial offer and management practice.