Arcoplex distributes polymers, engineering plastics and plastic granules.

Distribution of polymers and plastics

60 anni da leader nel mondo della distribuzione e consulenza

Arcoplex is the reference partner for some of the most important chemical and petrochemical industries in the world, producers of thermoplastic resins.

It has an extensive sales network supported by a competent technical service and a qualified marketing department.

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Bioplastic for a sustainable and responsible consumption

Certified compostable polymer obtained by compounding ECOFLEX (the original and only compostable molecule patented by BASF) and PLA (polylactic acid from renewable sources).
The unique chemical formulation of ecovio® allows the complete biodegradation within a few weeks.

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ecovio® is a compostable polymer, certified by accredited and indipendent institutes, according to the most innovative international standards.

Research and Development
An exclusive and qualified
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Fully exploit the potential of technology and know-how to generate value.

AxtroLab answers with maximum effectiveness to the needs of transformers, dealing with the technical aspects related to materials and processes.

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Research and Development
The Arcoplex production
  • Axtromid A
  • Axtromid B
  • Axtrotec B
  • Axtrotec A
  • Axtroplen
  • Axtrolac
  • Axtrolon
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